Ten warning signs you're addicted to Strava

It's the training app that keeps you motivated, informed and connected with your fellow athletes. These days it's difficult to imagine a world without Strava. But the wonder app for cyclists and runners can have its dark side. Strava addiction is a thing, and it can have embarrassing and disastrous consequences. 

If you recognise any of the following in your use of Strava, it's time to step back, and take a good look at yourself, because the warning bells are ringing and as with all addicts, you're going to be the last person to notice them.

* You spend your entire time at the cafe analysing your ride while your pals chat amongst themselves.

* The word 'segment' creeps into everyday conversation.

* You set up a segment from your back door to your bike shed.

* You go out with the specific intention of taking other riders' KOMs.

* If your own KOMs are taken, you fly into a rage before commenting beneath your rival's ride about how it must have been wind assisted / otherwise easier for some other random reason. 

* You create segments on stretches of road that no other cyclist even knew existed, just so you can add the KOM to your trophy cabinet.

* Your choice of riding partner is calculated purely on their ability to lead you out to bag more KOMs.

* You expect everyone to know what a KOM is. Including your mother, who has never heard of Strava.

* You split your ride into sections in order to preserve your average when you were pegging it with the wind behind you.

* You have dozens of Strava aliases so you can keep getting a month's free Premium membership.

* You're reading this.

And finally, for those devoid of any hint of a moral compass ...

* You borrow your hitter mate's Wahoo / Garmin on the pretence that yours doesn't work, then download his entire ride history to claim his KOMs as your own. In Strava land there can be no greater sin.

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