Here's what you need to know about the UCI World Championships

It seems like only yesterday when we were soaking up the mountain air in Innsbruck at the 2018 UCI World Championships.

Back then this year’s event, which is coming back to the UK for the fourth time and the first since 1982, seemed like, well, a year away. And boom, here it is.

As with when Yorkshire hosted the Tour De France in 2014, the best place to catch most of the action is going to be Harrogate. It will host all the race finishes throughout the event and will act as the centre for the whole shebang, including the tough 14km Harrogate circuit race.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 17.57.21.png

To spread things out a bit there are a number of towns which will host the start of races. Check the map, right.

Yorkshire 2019, organisers of the event, have put out a selection of videos to give you a better idea of what to expect, and where to watch the races. We’ve pasted them below.

The race programme is as follows:

Saturday 21 September

C1 Paracycling road races

Beverley to Harrogate 93km

Tadcaster to Harrogate 70km route plus 3 circuits

Wetherby to Harrogate 56km route plus 2 circuits

Sunday 22 September

Harrogate – Harrogate

Team Time Trial Mixed Relay 28km (2 circuits)

Monday 23 September

Harrogate - Harrogate

Women Junior Time Trial 14km (1 circuit)

Men Junior Time Trial 28km (2 circuits)

Tuesday 24 September

Ripon to Harrogate

Men's Under 23 Individual Time Trial 32.5km

Women's Elite Individual Time Trial 32.5km

Wednesday 25 September

Men's Elite Time Trial

Northallerton to Harrogate 54km   

Thursday 26 September

Men’s Junior Road Race

Richmond to Harrogate 144.5km (including 3 circuits)

Friday 27 September

Women’s Junior Road Race

Doncaster to Harrogate (91.5km)

Men’s Under-23 Road Race

Doncaster to Harrogate 192.5km (including 3 circuits)

Saturday 28 September

Women’s Elite Road Race

Bradford to Harrogate (149.5km including 3 circuits)

Sunday 29 September

Men’s Elite Road Race

Leeds to Harrogate (284.5km including 7 circuits)

As for actually visiting the Worlds, if you haven’t already arranged your accommodation you’re pretty screwed. Harrogate is showing 95 per cent full on but there do seem to be some decent places at a reasonable price in the local area on Airbnb. You could also try pinkmooncamping if you’ve got a campervan.

Helpfully, the trains aren’t taking bikes anywhere in Yorkshire, but you could drive and park up a little out of town if you want to bike in or just drive and park up at The Showground in Harrogate.

We all know how mad Yorkshire is about cycling, and this year’s event promises to rival the 2014 in spectator numbers and outright cycling frivolity. The bottom line is that it’s 27 years since we last hosted a World Championships, so you might as well get up there, no matter what.

Graham Hutson