Cycle Surgery and Strava launch a bike challenge for all


Sometimes these Strava challenges can be a bit off-putting. Ride the elevation of Everest in 24 hours, do the Tour de France in a week, that sort of thing. And for what? Nothing.

Fine if you’re a finely tuned athlete of a cyclist who only by accident of birth isn’t riding a pro-tour this year. For those who just like to get out for a bimble on their bikes, Cycle Surgery has teamed up with Strava to launch an entirely doable challenge.

All you have to ride to complete the challenge is 75 miles over a minimum of 1 day. Cycle Surgery will even reward you for doing this, but to make things a bit more interesting, the more days you ride, the more you stand to gain, including the chance to win an S-Works Evade helmet.

Check out the challenge page here for full details of the rewards you can unlock if you put in a few extra miles.

Then, just sit back, pedal and think of the Kudos!