POC tests its helmets against a Volvo car bonnet

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If you’re producing something designed to protect your head against an impact with a car, then it makes sense to whack it against a real car.

We also know that all cars are not created equal and one of those with a reputation of being built like a tank is a Volvo. So it only made sense for two Swedish brands who have made safety a priority in their products to work together on improving it.

POC and Volvo are working on a project to further improve protection for cyclists with a series of world-first crash tests of bike helmets against cars.

Volvo has long been on a mission to make cycling safer, introducing reflective spray paint for bikes a few years back, and fitting its cars with cyclist detection capabilities, which use the car’s cameras and radars to detect cyclists, warn the driver of an imminent collision and even applies the brakes if further action is needed. It is a development of Volvo Cars’ automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection systems.

The Volvo-POC research project consists of a number of specially designed crash tests at the famous Volvo Cars safety research facilities in Gothenburg, Sweden and is part of a wider research project to understand the types of long-term injuries sustained by cyclists.

POC will use the data provided by the tests to help improve the safety features of its range of helmets, which already feature its proprietary ‘Spin’ technology as part of their ‘whole helmet’ approach to developing helmets.

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