Vélobici warm up winter with Velvet Thermal collection


Riding through the winter months can often be a grim state of affairs. Cold, wet, filth all over the roads. You’re not even riding your favourite bike half the time, because you’ve wheeled out your crappy old one, the one you don’t mind getting caked in muck.

The last thing you need is for your clothing to let you down, which is where a decent thermal layer or two makes all the difference.


To help the dark months pass in something like a bearable manner, Vélobici have just released the thermal versions of their Velvet collection. Created from VB’s red proprietary VB/Pro TI1 softshell-type fabric, constructed from two layers to trap a pocket of air and with a thermal loop to the inside layer, the Velvet Thermal collection is warm, windproof and thanks to a DWR treatment, water resistant.

Best of all, they’ve given it a deep red colourway, which as well as just making it seem warmer, also means the Velvet Thermal will keep you visible on the roads, even in low light.

All the usual Vélobici flourishes apply, such as embroidered logo and reflective piping, making this one of the hottest winter kits available right now.

Grab one and feel it for yourself.

All Vélobici clothing is 100% hand made at their own factory in Leicester, England.

Prices start at £35 for a cap, rising to £200 for a jersey with bundle offers available.

Shop the collection here