KPP's new pocketbook channels our inner Hemingway


Earnest Hemingway did love a good bike ride. In fact one of his most memorable quotes is about the very pursuit: "It is by riding a bicycle that you truly learn the contours of a country best."

He probably had a neat little notebook in his pocket while he was "sweating up the hills and coasting down them," but it's unlikely to have been as cool as KPP's Back Pocket Book. 


The latest release in the women-focused cycle brand is a delightful little thing, with a hardwearing black leather cover, a page marker ribbon and elastic closure. The front cover features an embossed hand drawn illustration detailing items you might find in the pocket of your jersey. On the inside page are detailed some rules that encourage you to be curious and creative on your travels.

KPP has created the book so it fits perfectly in a jersey pocket, ensuring you will always have something to hand in case inspiration strikes while you're on the road. 

KPP also wants you to share your creativity and send pictures or scans of your entires to be collated into a global showcase of creativity and self development in the saddle. 

Now you just need to get sketching. 

Product details:
105mm x 148mm
Black leather
Front cover features an embossed back pocket illustration, illustrated by Kitty
Silver ‘Keep pedalling. Keep positive’ printed on the back
Embossed KPP logo on the back
Inside printed rules
Dotted paper
Black bookmark and elastic wrap around
RRP: £10

Available here