KPP puts a spin on gin with launch collection

KPP_ SGF_ 5.jpg

We'll all agree that few things are better than a great day out in the saddle with your mates, but the apres-ride refreshments are a close contender. 

You can't have one without the other for one thing, and the thought of kicking back with a drink and putting your feet up will often make those last painful miles (or kilometres for the purists) more pleasurable. 

KPP_ SGF_ 9.jpg

Herein lies the thinking behind the launch collection of boutique women-only cycle brand, KPP, which exists to "celebrate and support female superheroes in lycra." As with all great things, it's starting off small but perfectly formed, with a musette and a pin badge. 

The Spin, Gin, Fin collection takes its inspiration from the post-ride traditions of founder Kitty Pemberton-Platt's women-only group rides. 

“Spin Gin Fin is a playful movement that represents balance. A Spin Gin Fin ride finishes at a train station where you pick up ‘gins in tins’ and enjoy the journey home. Together we bask in the glory of our efforts, feed the endorphins with our favourite tipple and fuel interesting conversation.”

The "boozette" and enamel badge are available now at, where you'll also be able to pick up a limited edition KPP watch released in collaboration with the Camden Watch Company. The brand is firmly rooted in women's cycling - Kitty is co-founder of a Scarpa Racing, a women-only racing team. KPP promises great things for the future, including more product releases.

Sounds like a plan with plenty of fizz. 

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