WATCH: Rapha finds the answer in new brand campaign

The New Seekers probably had more of a chance of teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony than Rapha has of getting everybody to ride a bike, but that hasn't stopped them trying.

We've had the Rapha Cycling Club, whole calendars of initiatives and events all aimed at furthering founder Simon Mottram's mission of making cycling the biggest sport in the world. 

Today it has raised the bar and unveiled an advert. A bike ride offers a "solution to many of the personal and societal challenges of modern life," says Rapha. That it does - it's no secret to those of us who love cycling. 

Rapha continues, that cycling promotes "reduced carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and a pathway to a mentally and physically healthier population. We believe that cycling, more than any other sport, is unique in its ability to solve problems and help people improve their lives. We believe, in short, that cycling transforms lives."

They do have a point, and the location helps drive it home - the seething, congested, smog-choked metropolis that is LA. But all those tens of thousands of people out there riding bikes right now hardly need reminding. The converted don't need to be told, it's the donut-eating drivers that we've got to win over with this piece of filmmaking. 

This 90-second epiphany produced by LA-based advertising giant Mother follows a cyclist from the filthy, litter-strewn and gridlocked streets of downtown LA with its myriad distractions and dangers out of the city and up through the hills, where along the way he hooks up with some pals to climb way above the city so they can experience a few seconds of enlightenment together before descending back into hell.

It is a truly beautiful, inspiring film, and its release kickstarts a calendar of related events that will promote cycling to all. Rapha’s global Clubhouses will be increasing their riding
schedules and events over the summer to cover a variety of abilities and cycling-based interests. 

But it could raise more questions than it answers, namely: is that a DIY tie-dye Rapha jersey, how do you get that cool lid, and doesn't that bloke in the denim jacket know that he'll get really hot? (yes we know he's Gus Morton and that's his thing. FFS).