It's happening! Again!

A year is a long time in anyone's book, but in terms of digital presence it's an eternity. Over here in the web-o-sphere entire civilisations have blossomed and been extinguished like ants before a tide of boiling water. 

So fast has the year gone in fact that I didn't even realise it had been that long since the last post. Work got in the way you see, and the conflicts of interest inherent with going deep in-brand. 

Now, I have resurfaced, reinvigorated and full of spunk just in time for another season of gripping grand tours that we will offer slightly more than a passing nod to.

What will happen with this site remains to be seen - it is truly a book of blank pages from here on in - but the fact I've kept paying the subscription to keep it going all this time should offer some hope for its future. 

It's nice to write what I like again, I realise. To be unchained from brand guidelines and tones of voice and other imagination-sapping mind bendery. 

Consider this a new dawn. Hope you enjoy the picture of a sunset.