Ashmei bottles the spirit of cycling with themed gin

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Unless you’ve stacked it on a descent, you’ve probably never actually tasted the great cycling destinations of the world.

Granted, you might have breathed in the heady aroma of orange blossom of Mallorca in spring, or taken a lungful of the hops of France but if you’ve ever wondered what these sensations would be like down your gullet, now’s your chance to find out.

Ashmei, together with the Chiltern-based Puddingstone Distillery have created a gin that references all the aural delights of the greatest places to ride. You get French hops, Spanish Oranges, Italian Rosemary, California raisins and Belgian Angelica, all in one bottle. There’s also a bit of rosehip in there from the very estate where Ashmei is based.

“Combining both traditional pot and vapour distillation processes, Domestique leads with a fruity, citrus and juniper nose and a subtle palate that blends sweet and savoury,” say Ashmei.

Puddingstone know what they are doing. They have balanced this seemingly random list of botanicals to such a beautiful level of perfection that Domestique Gin has already won an award at the 2018 Gin of The Year Competition, and this is the second batch to have been produced, so popular has it proven.

To top it off, Domestique Gin is shipped in a very cool custom engraved stainless steel flask, which once the last drop of gin has been drained, will quite capably keep the cyclist’s usual tipple of coffee warm for a good few hours. Plus, it even fits in your bottle cage. Perfect for midwinter warming.

If you’re still wondering what the hell gin has got to do with cycling, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Sometimes you have to look up from that Garmin, pause and take in the sensations. Then get home and pour a glass full of them.

Domestique Gin is available in highly limited quantities from Puddingstone Distillery.

Buy it here.

Graham Hutson