Crowdfunding target in sight for à BLOC

What can really go down better after a hard day in the saddle than a nice chilly beer? The mere thought of it has inspired us to achieve things we could only dream of.

That's the power of a pint, and it's something à BLOC are looking to harness with their craft beer startup. They could be onto something, given the long association beer and cycling have together. That's the culture of cycling rather than drinking it whilst undertaking the pursuit.

That said, they might have overestimated the size of their market, given that every cyclist we know is basically hung out to dry after a couple of beers. They might enjoy a pint, but cyclists by and large don't tend to be very good at drinking.

One thing that hasn't deterred Daan Van Well and Martijn Snelder, an entrepreneur and business developer respectively, who both happen to like beer and cycling. They say à BLOC is a "refreshing, unfiltered blonde beer, rich in proteins and vitamins." 

There's not a lot of protein or vitamins in your average beer, even Guinness. You'd need three pints of that to get the same amount of iron as a single egg yolk. So to make à BLOC good for you, they've "added Alpine Minerals to improve rehydration and recovery."

But the real selling point for potential investors is à BLOC's business model. Instead of establishing a single brewery with all the additional overheads that would generate, they are filling the overcapacity in existing breweries in their preferred territories of the Netherlands, UK, Australia and Spain. 

"Once brewed, we sell to distributors and straight to bike channels whenever possible. But this is even bigger than selling beer. It’s about the friendships and stories that reflect why we enjoy cycling," said à BLOC.

To ram the community angle home, à BLOC have created a cycling club, along with kit. Depending on how much you invest you could receive a whole new kit every year, for free.

According to the founders, riding 'à bloc' means going flat out. In the riding sense rather than drinking, presumably. 

To find out more and invest, visit the Symbid page  


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