TICCC tackle the Galibier in new film

Daphne Kaufhold is no stranger to mountains, either geographical metaphorical. On her most recent trip up the Galibier she took a film crew and the above video is the result.

A ride up the Galibier is an apt metaphor for the TICCC brand. At 35km and an average of 6 per cent, it is one of the longest and toughest  climbs to feature on the Tour de France. 

If a mountain could reflect Daphne's personal struggle with the chronic pain she has had to deal with after suffering severe whiplash in a car accident, this is it. 

The film is as much about TICCC, though - a showcase for the brand's growing collection of garments, which has grown from custom-made caps and a selection of the wackiest socks you'll find to jerseys and most recently base layers, with both a men's and women's version.

"The ‘Base’ uses a combination of two technical fabrics to achieve maximum moisture control and comfort on the bike." say TICCC. "Designed for those who love high tempo riding."

To celebrate the launch of the film TICCC is running a competition for a chance to win £150.00 worth of #tickit. To enter, visit www.this-is-cambridge.com, watch the film and answer the two questions on the competitions page.