Rapha puts a lid on the helmet rumours

It would be interesting to know what the designers at Giro think of Rapha. There they are, all smug at the success of their Synthe helmet, stroking the curves and gazing in wonderment at the little mesh grill at the back that looks so much like an exhaust pipe.

Then along comes Rapha, ripping out the mesh and smoothing the airflow and smoothing out the ridges on the rubber bit at the side and they end up making the damn thing look better. How very dare they! If someone's going to customise their pride and joy, the least they could do is completely screw it up.

The new Rapha helmet takes the Synthe DNA and tinkers around with it, adding gloss where there would be matt and debadging any Giro references apart from on the adjuster dial. In their place, a cool and subtle little Rapha logo on the crown. 

Rapha have also used the Mips version, which adds another level of protection by means of an additional piece of plastic which 'floats' just below the outer liner and helps to negate rotational forces.

The RRP isn't any different either, although there are admittedly discounts available on Giro's Synthe these days.

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