Speedvagen wants to surprise you again

It's one thing dropping upwards of £5,000 on a bike, but leaving the colour scheme entirely at the whim of the bike builder? That takes real temerity. 

Some might even mark you down as certifiably nuts but when the bike builder in question is Speedvagen, that kind of behaviour is positively encouraged. And they encourage that kind of customer: "Speedvagen is about blazing trails and rebelling" said Sacha White founder of the brand and a legend in American framebuilding.

Speedvagen is the slightly more accessible division of Portland-based Vanilla Workshop. Every year Speedvagen launches its Surprise Me option, where customers can opt to have Speedvagen choose their colour scheme.

Speedvagen and Vanilla Workshop are as well known for their paint schemes as they are the quality of their bikes so the risk associated with the Surprise Me scheme should be considered low. Only one customer has ever asked to return his Surprise Me bike, and that was shocking pink.

There are hints as to what you will receive with the 2016 Surprise Me option. Polka dots will feature, as will stripes. Otherwise it's a lucky dip in terms of colours. And pink is a possibility.

One thing is for sure. It will be anything but dull.

Closing date for the Surprise Me option is December 31.

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