Wahoo rolls out Strava Live Segment update for Elemnt

Depending on your appetite for chasing KOMs you're either going to love or hate Wahoo's latest update to its Elemnt bike computer, because the US company has introduced Strava Live Segments in the latest firmware update of its device.

Elemnts will now alert users to upcoming segments while they navigate a route. 

“We were able to offer an incredible amount of functionality and an enhanced user experience using the Strava Live Segments feature,” said Chip Hawkins, Wahoo Fitness CEO. 

When a rider hits a Strava Live Segment, the Elemnt’s LEDs indicate progress within the segment, and the side row of LEDs indicate a rider's pace for targeting a KOM, a personal best, or the pace of a pre-selected opponent.

Given that almost every mile of every road in the country is now covered by a Strava segment, we're assuming you can turn the function off if you get fed up with the continual notifications and, in our case, consistent failure to beat anyone's KOM.

Still, it's a useful addition to an already impressive list of features for the Elemnt, which include text and phone call and email notifications, route navigation and key metrics.
If you already have an Elemnt just download the new firmware update.

A full list of updates included in this release, as well as previous releases, can be found here.
The ELEMNT retails for £249.99 and is currently available for purchase at wahoofitness.com and authorized local dealers.