Strava launches beacon to keep you on the map

Strava has launched a new facility on its app that allows your nearest and dearest to keep track of your whereabouts when you're out there clocking up the miles.

Beacon, which we're assured is nothing like Find My iPhone, displays your position on a map to those you nominate as a safety contact. Information is in real time and contacts are sent an email with a URL which contacts click through to start tracking.

Strava say they launched the service after requests from users who wanted peace of mind when they were out exercising: "Beacon adds a new dimension to Strava Premium," said Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer. Whether you are training regularly, commuting back and forth, or heading out for the occasional workout, we’re confident that all types of athletes will find Beacon valuable.”

While Beacon is only available for Strava Premium members, safety contacts don't even need to be registered on the app.

See how Beacon works here:

Beacon is available now for Strava Premium members with Strava v4.22.00 or later. Download Strava for iOS or Android and upgrade to Strava Premium. To learn more visit

Strava Premium is available to all Strava athletes for £3.99/month or £39.99/year.

Graham HutsonStrava, cycling