Rapha unwrapped: Apple discovers the process behind the products

Sometimes a piece of clothing comes along that you find difficult not to wear. Every time you go to put something on, there's a reason why that one piece of clothing would suit better. 

Looks like rain? It's waterproof. Need something lightweight? Tick. Need something smart but casual at the same time? Double tick. Need to pack it and wear it out of the bag with no signs of creasing? That's the kiddie right there. 

We are talking about Rapha's wool wind jacket from the City collection. A simple, uncomplicated creation released as part of the 2016 collection. This lineup differed from previous years in both its back-to-basics classic styling and its capsule-collection size. Only the essentials, in suit-all colours, with very subtle cycling twists. 

The wool wind jacket was the standout piece from this collection, with raglan sleeves and a straight-cut body and made from suiting-standard Japanese wool. Cycling seemed too good for it until you noticed the reflective tab under the back of the collar, the wind proof panel on the front and the showerproof coating. 

The collection is the creation of Alex Valdman, a Russian who grew up in the US and came to Rapha from Levi's in San Francisco, where he designed the successful Commuter collection. Valdman is the subject of the video above, shot at Rapha's Imperial Works HQ and also featuring Rapha CEO Simon Mottram and a cameo by architect and cyclist Sir Norman Foster. 

The Apple aspect comes from the fact Valdman does all his work on an iPad Pro, which is essentially what the video is about, and that the entire film was shot on an iPhone. With the help of a heap of equipment and a crew of about half-a dozen, apparently. 

All the same, it's a great insight.