Hiplok have designed a lockable bike hangar

There's no need for your bike to be left cluttering the hallway these days with the multitude of devices now on the market designed to tuck it out of the way on a wall.

One thing none of them has offered so far thought is the ability to lock up said bike while suspended. This could be considered something of a flaw when you consider that the one thing that bike hooks don't do is make your bike less visible. 

The people at Hiplok have clearly had similar thoughts and now they've come up with a hangar that also locks the bike. Called Airlok, this thing is so sturdy that you can hang yourself off it and has been designed to the maximum Sold Secure Gold rated security level.

Fantastic! But there's a catch and quite simply it is this: Airlok might yet not see the light of day, if it doesn't raise the funds to go into production. 

Hiplock have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get Airlok, and subsequently your bike, off the ground. If you have any doubts about the providence of Hiplok, they're the people who invented a wearable bike lock and now offer a full lineup of heavy duty locking devices.

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