If you can't make it to Ride London ... Zwift it

Most of the people who applied for Ride London-Surrey 100 didn't get through on the ballot but all is not lost - Zwift has ridden to the rescue with its own route based on the classic sportive.

Zwift subscribers will be able to ride laps of a specially developed course loctaed in the Zwift universe which includes all the landmarks of the actual ride. 

"You  ride the condensed version of the course in a loop, until you reach 100 miles. Before you start the ride, you select the option to ride 100 miles and then you are put into a game with others also taking on the challenge within the game and are then ranked against each other," said a Zwift spokesman.

Graphics are as is usual with Zwift, better than real life, there's no chance of rain and unless you have a fan running, you won't get any wind either. What's more, you're never going to get taken out by another wayward rider.

Sounds better than the real thing. Find out more here and check out the video of the course above.