FIRST LOOK: Velobici Kyklos bike collab

Vélobici have a track record for doing things with an added panache and they haven't disappointed with their first foray into bikes.

The Leicester-based brand has got together with Italian bike manufacturer Kyklos to produce a bike so limited each one has its own serial number.

Kyklos is no ordinary bike manufacturer - the brand was founded by former Italian cyclist and, as it happens, Vélobici fan Danilo Di Luca, who managed to pick up the monicker "The Killer" when he was riding.

The Kyklos Vélobici Continental is manufactured from Toray T800, which is the stiffest, most lightweight carbon fibre available and brings the frame in at 800g. 

"We were hugely inspired by Danilo during his riding years and he has long been a fan of our performance wear, so we were keen to work together to develop a road bike that could exceed expectation aesthetically and in performance," said Chris Puttnam, founder of Vélobici. "The bike embodies the Vélobici ethos right down to its blue and gold finish, which gives the Continental a timeless aesthetic."

Vélobici say the bike has been developed to bring together "everything one desires from a top level road bike: maximum traction rigidity and complete comfort on long distances, while also being incredibly responsive."

Danilo Di Luca said he had tried to embed Kyklos with his passion and years of experience in top class racing: "It is indeed this passion that has prompted our partnership with Vélobici; ever since our first meeting I sensed in them the same passion that has moved me through all my life. Now that we have established a great friendship, we have created a bridge between England and Italy. A perfect fusion between our worlds is what has given birth to the Continental.

Vélobici will launch the bike on Facebook Live tomorrow, July 28 and will hold a live Q&A. Visit

We will be testing the bike out in a couple of weeks, so come back for a first-hand opinion.