Sagan dips into the movies for new commercial

It's already common knowledge that Peter Sagan is nuts, but he's got nothing on his sponsors, it seems.

Sunroot must have seen his wedding video which featured among other things, Sagan dressed as a Russian count and riding a bike along a highwire. Then he departed the ceremony in a Trabant. Or something like that. Trabants and highwires definitely featured.

So getting the Tinkoff- Saxo superweapon to re-enact scenes from key movies was nothing, really. Which is great, because now you get to see Sagan as Gladiator, and then doing the John Travolta Pulp Fiction dance scene with his wife. 

All this follows on from part one of the Life is Like a Movie ads, which saw Sagan doing a Rocky Balboa. 

There's more! Keep watching and the next ad has got Sagan as Tarvolta again, but this time in Grease.

What all this has to do with syrup, "organic medallions" and white fruit chocolate we have no idea but it's truly the gift that keeps on giving, much like Sagan himself.