Hackney GT celebrate fully UK-made collection

There's even more reason to love the infinitely loveable Hackney GT now they've brought all the production of their garments onshore. 

The new summer collection is now designed in London and made in the North of England which means you can quite proudly support UK manufacturing while blazing along in some of the wackiest kit known to cycling. 

We've always been a fan of Hackney GT and gave the brand a glowing five-star review here

To celebrate the manufacturing move and the launch of the collection itself, Hackney GT will be holding a party at Look Mum no Hands. Considering the brand is founded and run by the DJ Russ Jones you can expect some quality sounds. 

Russ, however will not be DJing because "that would be too cheesey." Instead Cal Jader from Movimientos will be on a tropical tip and Marco Faimali of Bikesy.co.uk is digging out the old school hip hop.

All that, and a chance to check out the new kit. 

Full details in the flyer pictured above or if you can't see it for some reason, visit http://hackneygt.com/

Graham Hutson