Erdinger adds fizz to sports drinks

What's not to like about a nice beer after a hard ride? The great thing is that beer is actually not a bad recovery drink as it goes, because it's isotonic.

The only real issue is the alcohol. Great for lightening the mood, not so great for the next morning and that's before we even get started on the calories.

This is where Erdinger comes in. The makers of extremely tasty German wheat beer have long been extolling the vortues of their alcohol free (Alkoholfrei) beer, which it says in rich in vitamins, low in calories and free of additional chemicals. 

Erdinger says the beer is "Brewed under the German Purity Law for athletes who are conscious of performance, but still want to enjoy the great taste of beer."

Alkoholfrei contains vitamins and micronutrients that help the body replenish immediately after sport and quench thirst even faster, namely B vitamins and high levels of magnesium. This beer still contains 0.5 per cent of alcohol so you could theoretically get drunk although you'd have more luck trying to get a kick out of a dozen boxes of liqueur chocolates.

All the taste without any chance of getting smashed. Not what you'd perhaps look for on a night out, but as an alternative to your standard isotonic sugar-fests, this is one drink that you could grow quite fond of.

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Graham Hutson