Bike to work day clocks 80,000 Strava commutes

George Marshall

George Marshall

It rained, it was cold, it was not a day for getting on your bike, but that didn't stop 79,879 commutes being logged on Strava on May 10. 

Granted, this was a global figure and it can't have rained everywhere during rush hour on that day, but it's a lot, all the same.  The recorded commutes equate to a sum total of 1,343,954 km across 180 countries.

As well as getting yourself a bit of exercise, the commutes are also used as a tool to help with integrated cycle planning. 

"These kind of activities are making a difference when used by town and city planners,” said Gareth Nettleton, vice president of Marketing for Strava.

In other Strava news, you can now get live segments on your phone. These "Offer real-time audio cues and visuals of an athlete’s current effort on a segment, their personal record and the person who is at the top of the leaderboard."

So now you can feel even worse about not making up that hill as fast as you had hoped.

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