Spin on this: cycle festival comes around

No pics forthcoming, so here's a composite pulled from the Facebook page

No pics forthcoming, so here's a composite pulled from the Facebook page

Cycle shows are for the most part an incredibly dull way to spend a day. You shuffle around this pop-up department store as stall holders gaze longing in the vain hope you might direct your attention their way. 

All the time you're looking at things you don't need for your bike while you should really be out riding it. 

On the other hand cycle shows are also an essential way for the industry to draw attention to its products and you can often find some very useful things. Only two years ago we discovered these little curly wurly rubber things that wrap around your cables and prevent them rubbing paint off the frame. Genius! Then we bought a tyre lever from the same people (Fibrax) this year and it snapped within 30 seconds. 

Into this calendar of frivolous cycling expos comes Spin. It's a bit different from your standard fare in that it has the word 'urban' featured on the flyer. This puts it in the edgy category. You can expect to find beards here, and coffee and craft beer. Probably in that order. 

Spin also has art, streetfood and DJs as well as some exhibitors, which should keep you in the Truman Brewery for at least half an hour longer than you'd stay at a similar event. 

Worth a look, probably.

Spin takes place at the Old Truman Brewery, London this weekend May 20-22. Book tickets at www.thecyclingfestival.com

Graham Hutson