Omata One gives your GPS device dials

There is so much being touted on Kickstarter these days that often you can't see the wood through the trees. These crowdfunding sites have become a kind of testing ground for people who really aren't confident enough to know whether their product will make it and aren't prepared to risk investing their own money to find out.

At least that's one way of looking at it. The other viewpoint is that it gives wildly ambitious and out-of-the-box projects like the Omata Analog GPS Speedometer a chance of actually making it into production. And for that we salute crowdfunding and the startups that have been drawn to it. 

The Omata is possibly the most ingenious cycle component to have been invented for some time. It is a speedo for your bike, with a beautiful face that displays not only speed but distance, ascent and time. 

If you're of the type who prefers not to be bombarded by masses of ride data while you're on the move this is ideal. Better still, the Omata is actually a fully functioning device that will export all your data to Strava as soon as you plug it in.

This is one Kickstarter project we want to see go the distance.

Pledge $500 now and you get a limited edition first production run model.

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Graham Hutson