Strava makes May 10 global bike to work day

If you thought the standard of cycling was bad on the commute now, wait until May 10. That's the day Strava has earmarked for its first global cycle to work day. 

Given that this activity app boasts tens of millions of cyclists among its users, it's a fair bet that a good few of them who wouldn't usually bike in to work will take up the challenge. At best you will have masses of cyclists travelling in roughly the right direction. At worst, someone will try to do a u-turn.

It might appear to be a bit of gratuitous marketing on behalf of Strava, which it is, but it will also serve a purpose. Strava provides its ride data to more than 70 organisations and government agencies through its Strava Metro service to help improve road infrastructure and urban planning.

“Your Strava commute counts because every activity has the potential to make a difference to cycling in your area," said Gareth Nettleton, VP of marketing for Strava. "It doesn’t matter if you ride one mile or 50 miles, if you ride to work on May 10 you can be a part of a global movement to make cities better for cyclists.”