New TV channel makes it all about the BIKE

We've lost count of the amount of times we've bemoaned the lack of cycling coverage on the TV. Until now we've had ITV4 at key moments in the season and The Bike Show, which is so dull is makes watching paint dry an acceptable pastime. 

All of this woefully lacking coverage is propped up by Eurosport, which at least puts a bit more effort into its coverage.

Now you can watch stuff about cycling all day long and all night if you so wish, thanks to a new channel called BIKE. It's available on Sky ch.464 and Virgin ch.552.

BIKE is an import from Italy, where it was founded in 2012 by Filippo Ubaldini. BIKE is claiming an audience of one million and that's before it has even been launched on digital platforms. 

Given Italy's dubious history in television, this could make BIKE one of the country's most successful broadcasting exports, helped no doubt by a more-than healthy cycling obsession.

"The entire team has invested resources and time into the UK market and we expect huge success," said Mr Ubaldini.

The channel will cover all aspects of cycling, from road to MTB and even e-bikes.

It's a lot to cover but then it does have a lot of time to do it in and given the competition this channel faces, viewers are all but guaranteed.