Me and my Shadow: an LBL winner's tale

You might know Liege-Baston-Liege was won by Team Sky yesterday. You might also know that the weather was so bad that the course had to be re-routed because of the snow.

What you might not have known is that winner Wout Poels was wearing Rapha's shadow kit, reviewed on these very pages. The remarkable thing about this is not that he was wearing it, it's that he drove home to Holland to get it. 

The mind boggles. He had to DRIVE HOME to get it? You can imagine the conversation with Dave Brailsford: "You've done WHAT? Forgotten your Shadow kit? Haven't you seen the forecast? Are you NUTS?"

"But boss, surely we've got a spare kit?"

"Not with your name on it we haven't, numb nuts. You'll just have to go home and get it."

"All the way to Holland?"

"It's only down the road. If you leave now you'll be back for breakfast."

"Can't I take the Team Sky chopper?"

"No you can't take the poxy chopper, it's for special missions only. Like film shoots and when we need to look like we're the best-funded team in the peloton, and even then only when BMC are looking. Now fuck off."

Exit Poels through the back door. Door slams.

Here's Rapha's version of events