Spam followers target Strava users

It happened the other day and it was the unlikely profile of the Strava user which gave it away.

Her name was Chloe Hunter and she has to be the first user in the history of the app not to have a picture of her riding a bike. She wants to be a riding partner, she wants to follow me.

Not without a helmet you won't Chloe!

It turns out spammers have hit Strava hard. Millions of accounts have been targeted by multiple follow requests by Chloe and other similarly unlikely users. Strava are aware and are dealing with the issue. "Our team is working around the clock to minimise the impact," said Gareth Nettleton, VP for marketing.

Strava might well have now dealt with the issue - the last time I checked back on Chloe's request I was unable to find it, which will no doubt be devastating news for the 300+ users who had already succumbed to her advances.