France bans disc brakes for L'Etape sportive

France has taken the UCI suspension of disc brakes in professional level races and banned the use of disc brakes in all cycling events. 

The ban by the French Cycling Federation (FFC)  will prohibit the use of disc brakes in L'Etape du Tour and the Marmotte events as well as all other sportives and amateur events.

The move follows the UCI's suspension of disc brakes among pro teams after Movistar rider Francisco Ventoso suffered a deep laceration to his leg after a multiple rider pileup on the Paris-Roubaix. It had approved their use for the first time in January.

Two teams were riding bikes equipped with disc brakes, which Ventoso blamed for his injuries in an open letter to organisers. 

The incident has prompted heated debate over race safety and the danger of the brakes.

Direct-Energie and Lampre-Merida, the teams using bikes with disc brakes, have both said none of their riders reported an incident on that stage of the race.