Knog rings the changes with new bell

The Australian bike light brand Knog has decided to address one of the great cycling taboos - the bell.

While every bike is required by law in the UK to have a bell fitted at the point of sale, the majority of cyclists are known to ditch the supplied bell along with wheel and pedal reflectors at the earliest opportunity.

The Knog Oi will be available in five colourways

Knog is hoping to change all that with the release of a bell that it believes is stylish and virtually invisible all at the same time. “Bike bells have been domed since 1877,” says Knog. “What if it didn’t protrude from your handle bar like a blister?”

The new bell design, which Knog is calling the Oi, is essentially a metal band which attaches around the handlebar upon which a tiny hammer provides the necessary ding, which Knog insists, is a “beautiful tone.”

The company isn’t taking any chances, however and has turned to Kickstarter to pre-fund the bell before it is put into production.

Knog’s hunch could be right - it has received $83,000 pledges at the time of writing against a $20,000 goal.

Pledge here