Muc-off create world’s most expensive lube

The nanotube lube gives the chain a filthy appearance

What price would you put on a bit of power? How does £16 sound for a single watt? Reasonable? 
Give or take a quid, that’s how much extra you’ll be paying for a chain that Muc-off claim will give you an additional 6 watts of power. 

The new Nanotube Optimised Chain is covered in some sort of magic coating that will smooth the flow of your chain around your drivetrain. While it’s unlikely to make you feel as as if you’ve got a motor up your seat tube or attract the attentions of the UCI, the advantage could be noticeable. Anyone who has tried to improve their FTP will know how difficult it can be to achieve a 6 watt improvement. 

Muc-off is calling this the fastest chain on the planet. In reality it’s a standard chain, hand-treated with a “speed film lubrication and NanoTube chain optimisation.” No, we don’t know what that means either. 

Muc-off say they used this technology on Sir Bradley Wiggins’ Hour Record bike and it “uses the world’s most advanced additives to give you unrivalled friction reducing technology. It was also used by Birdie O’Donnell in her hour record.” 

A chain with this extra-slick coating will set you back £135. The coating is good for 400 (dry) miles according to Muc-off, after which time you’ll need to splash out even more to top-up the coating. 

Considering even the most expensive cycle chains on the market rarely cost more than £60, Muc-off’s offering has raised the bar considerably. But the company is confident that there is a market out there. 

“[It is a] hand treated, run in chain that lasts longer than any other lube on the market,” said a spokeswoman. “It’s a service no one else if offering, ideal for the high end customer looking for marginal gains.” 

Muc-off claim their “new, state of the art formula and treatment process pushes the boundaries of chain lube innovation and is designed specifically to keep friction to an absolute bare minimum.” 
Whether you feel the marginal gain is worthy of the price is a different matter. 

And no, it isn’t April 1 yet.