Three base layers you could wear to the pub

Base layers are amazing at the job for which they were intended - wicking moisture away and keeping you comfy when you’re pushing the envelope. 

But sometimes they can go above and beyond the call of duty. We have reached the era of the posh base layer, with design features, and sometimes, admittedly, a price tag that matches that of designer street wear. So what do you do in this case? Why you buy that base layer, and wear it to the pub! 

Then, when you’ve had enough of it, enlist it into the role for which it was intended. Double the length of use. Extra value for money. Brilliant. Here’s three: 
Rapha merino base layer: A long sleeved base layer with a subtle horizontal pin stripe and trademark logo tab to the neck from the brand that brought the style into cycling. Great with denim or even a blazer if you’re that way inclined, and Rapha’s incredible manufacturing quality will ensure it remains a staple part of the wardrobe for years, even before it gets its cycling baptism. 
Available here
Pas Normal Studios x SNS Herning: Carl-Emil from Pas Normal freely admitted he already uses his PNS x SNS base layer on an everyday basis and it’s easy to understand why. A cool navy with green horizontal pinstripes and one teal arm set this apart from other long sleeved tops period. You’ll actually be loathe to get on the bike with it, even though it performs remarkable well when you do. 
Available here
Chapeau short sleeved Merino base layer: More horizontal stripes, there could be a pattern devloping here. Chapeau’s offering comes in navy with red stripes and is again styled just as well for the pub, in a round-necked style. Quite snug so you’ll need to be trim. Maybe work off the pies first. Great wicking the sweat away on a high-tempo ride, too. 
Available here

Graham HutsonComment