Beam me up Scotty: Rapha releases the Peace Race jersey

It was a race across borders that was aimed at reuniting Eastern Bloc countries in the fragile years following the Second World War.

The Peace Race began in 1948 and ran through Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Poland, watched by millions, mainly because they got the day off work for it. 

What this has to do with Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise is nothing ... and everything. Both the cyclists and the Enterprise were boldly going where no-one had gone before, both in terms of travel and politics. And now they're united by a common jersey. 

The Peace Race Jersey is a special edition piece from Rapha that commemorates one of the greatest sporting events of the 20th century you've never heard of. It is also remarkably similar to standard issue Starfleet kit. 

But Kirk and co weren't issued with a limited edition board game, so Rapha have the edge there. Or a silk scarf. And the Peace Jersey colours are better.

Get it here before you miss the teleportation window.